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Why Paraben and Sulfate Free?

In recent years, "no Paraben, no Sulfate" products have been appearing everywhere on local shelves. To some of us, they seem to have come out of nowhere. Our stylists were talking about them, and we were checking to see if our favorite brands were selling them. Today, we will explore what Parabens and Sulfates are and why it benefits you to switch to "No Parabens, No Sulfate" products.


Parabens are chemicals placed in products to preserve them and generate their long shelf life. Sulfates are chemicals that cleanse and provide that satisfying lathering effect that many of us love so much. At first glance, they don't seem bad—great suds and a longer shelf life, which means no bacteria, is growing in the product and all the suds you can stand. However, while those suds run down the drain, your hair is also being stripped of all the natural oils it produces. This leaves your hair dry and brittle, which can cause breakage. These products have also been known to strip away hair color faster and, for some, cause scalp irritation.


4 Reasons To Use No Sulfate No Parabens Products:


  1. They are great for all hair types: "No Sulfate, No Parabens" products are gentle on all hair textures. They help maintain moisture and reduce dryness.


  1. Strengthen Hair: Products free of Sulfates and Parabens usually contain more natural ingredients like Shea butter and essential oils. These products promote hair growth and reduce split ends.


  1. Safe for skin: For those with sensitive skin, making this switch may help reduce irritation and allergies that may be caused by products containing sulfates and phosphates. It may also help alleviate dandruff.


  1. Long-Term Benefits: Long-term use of products free of Parabens and Sulfates can lead to healthier, stronger hair.


Making the switch in your hair products can be transformational for your hair and health. Using no paraben and sulfate products is gentler on your hair and offers multiple benefits. Be your own advocate for hair and health. Until next time, have a Beautiful Hair Day!

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